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Zoos represent the highest standards in animal care, fun & educational family experiences.

Rydables are a breakthrough in zoo amenities, allowing guests of all ages to explore like never before.

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Guest Experience

Solving Business Challenges

Placing Rydables in my Zoo

Marketing Advantages

Zoo Operations

Creative Uses

Guest Experience

Guest Experience is the single most important interaction between the zoo and its guests. Bring to life the customer journey, the zoo's touch points and the environments the guest experiences during their visit. Zoo guests enjoy:

  • A safe, interactive & engaging expereince
  • A comfortable ride for less fatigue & sore feet
  • Riding their favorite animal

Solving Business Challenges

Zoos, like all businesses have goals & objectives. Board of directors, zoo executives and wildlife conservation advocates are using Rydables to:

  • Bring more people to the zoo
  • Create great experiences
  • Keep guests engaged longer
  • Leverage social media
  • Generate more revenue
  • Convert day visitors into members

Placing Rydables in the Zoo

Tour Ryde©

The ultimate zoo experience! Lead by a expert zoo guide, guests jump on their favorite animal, dino or vehicle for an unforgettable journey.

Combining the fun of riding on an animal, the familiarity of follow the leader and the education of a tour, Tour Ryde© is the next evolution in zoo experiences.


Introduce your guests to Funvience©, a one of a kind park exploration experience and they will explore the park in style & comfort.


Like a carousel, but more fun!

A herd of 4-10 Rydables are a low cost permanent or temporary attraction.

How much does it cost?

We reconginze no two Zoos are the same, so we make it easy put Rydables in your park.

You can:

  • Partner with Rydables using our co-op & revenue share opportunities.
  • Ask your existing wheelchair/ stroller, concession or other vendor to work directly with us.
  • Use our "Preserve", an exclusive rental fleet tailored for short term use or special events.

Seasonal skin changes

Skins are quickly and easily swapped out for the holidays or to help promote a new exhibit.

Marketing Advantages

Rydables are not limited to the zoo. Maximize Rydables to promote & advertise:

  • Your sponsors in a new eye catching way
  • A new exhibit
  • At schools
  • During community events
  • For special events

Rydables is happy to help gather customer feedback & insights.

Zoo Operations

Zoo operations remains a well oiled machine after Rydables are incorporated into your park. Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Are Rydables safe?
    • Yes. Chances are, you already have operational procedures in place
  • Can they be riden outdoors?
    • Yes. We use all weather/UV resistant fabrics & sublimated graphic technologies
  • Where are they stored & charged?
    • We recommend storing & charging within your existing electric scooter & stroller facility
  • Do Rydables meet any AZA standards?
    • Yes, Section 12.1 of the 2018 AZA standards says "the institution must provide accessibility and public amenities for all visitors, and should address the needs of both children and adults."

Creative Uses

Our customers are using Rydables in creative & extraordinarily clever ways.

Ask us how Rydables are used for:

  • VIP Tours
  • Zoo employee transportation; guest service managers, first aid and security
  • Pop-Up Point of Sales©; selling food, beverage and merchandise

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